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                Created and maintained by Village Life Company and sponsored by individuals and faith-based disaster response organizations, the award-winning Disaster was a clearinghouse of information about faith-based response, appropriate donations and disaster related research with a focus on the needs traumatized survivors of disasters in North America. Begun in 1998, it served more than one million page views a day until it closed in 2006 when the recession cut off its grants. It is no longer online.

      Disaster Volunteers Database
                No longer online, the Disaster Volunteers Network contained a database listing disaster response volunteer opportunities.

      Farm Resource Net
                The Farm Resource Net was created to provide information and referral assistance to family scale farmers who need help as a result of natural or technological disasters. A Website was developed in 1999 through grants from Farm Aid and the Emergency Response Program of Church World Service to become a central location providing resources for family scale farmers and professionals serving the rural communities who needed to know about disaster response resources. The Website is no longer online.

      Village Life Magazine
                The Village Life Online Magazine was launched on the Web in October 1996 and was one of the first exclusively-Internet based Christian newsmagazines focusing on social justice issues. No longer regularly updated, you can still read features on such topics as such as Domestic Violence or Homelessness.

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