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      Village Life Company's Research Program Area develops qualitative studies on social justice issues designed to primarily provide voluntary organizations with in-depth investigative information. Work completed by the research program area led to the founding of the Center for Public Violence Recovery. The following papers are just a few of the titles that have been produced:

      • Preliminary Findings: Faith-Based Response to Incidents of Public Violence.

      • The Stafford Act. The Federal Response Plan. And the Role of Faith-Based Organizations (February 2002).

      • Post-Disaster Spiritual Care: A Background Paper (May 2002).

      • The Crossroads of Spiritual Care: Developing National Standards

      • The Lessons of September 11: A Report to the Washington Metropolitan Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (September 2002)

      • Putting Shanksville, PA on the Map: Faith-Based and Community Response to Sept. 11 (May 2004)

      Reports produced by the research area are researched by Village Life Company staff in collaboration with independent researchers.

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